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The Difference Between Deeds

Whenever a deed is recorded, in order to make any kind of change, another deed has to be recorded.

Grant Deed Transfers title with warranties.
QuitClaim Transfers title without warranties "as is" used to clear cloud on title, guarantees nothing.
Warranty Deed Transfers property, uncommon in California.
Mortgage Trust Deed Places a loan against property.
Reconveyance Deed Removes loan from property.
Assignment of Trust Deed Changes the beneficial interest (lender) of a trust deed.
Substitution of Trustee and Full Reconveyance Beneficiary (lender) substitutes another as trustee and then that person removes the loan.
Deed in lieu of Foreclosure Used whenever a borrower gives a property to a lender to keep them from foreclosing. (QuitClaim is not the proper deed to use.)

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