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The Document Center

The Document Center, Business Services  General, La Crescenta, CA

What We Do

Problem Solving

We provide a service of:

  • Locating lost or missing real estate documents and information.
  • Correct documents with errors and mistakes.
  • Remove loans from title that have been paid off but not reconveyed.
  • Find merged companies' records that have gone out of business.
  • Find missing parties.
  • Make unrecordable documents recordable and insurable.
  • Without title insurance make cursory checks of record to confirm information for transfers or loads and loan transfers.
  • Remove people from title who don't qualify for loans so that loan can be issued.
  • Put people into trust after being removed for a loan.
  • Transfer property fast and cheaply in a divorce.
  • Do family loans and transfers.
  • Correct legals.
  • Transfer on lot line adjustments.
  • Remove deceased parties from title.
  • Help heirs distribute property, notes, and disperse trusts.
  • Help with disclosures and deposit recipts on "for sale by owners".
  • Do Time Share and Indian Land Transfers
  • Provide local travel to mones, hospitals, nursing homes with documents for notary.
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