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Company History

Company History

Owner Dorene Kessinger's background experience began in 1959 while working for one of the top Savings and Loan Companies. She worked in most all of the real estate oriented departments, learning all-important phases of the lending industry. After leaving to work closer to home, Ms. Kessinger spent the next twenty years as Escrow Secretary, Escrow Officer, Title Officer, and Notary. Along the way, she obtained a real estate license and a broker's license both in the State of California and Nevada. She also became a loan agent for a mortgage company.

Throughout this period of time, Dorene Kessinger watched and learned while new laws began to change the way transfers were handled. Title companies and Recorders were also making transfers more difficult for people to handle. Because of this, she felt there was a need for someone with her 45 years of experience (in all areas of real estate), to make changes correctly and affordably for the layman.

The Document Center proudly opened its doors in April 1993 and then moved to the current location nine years later in 2002. In 1998, Cory Kessinger, son of the owner, joined the company. Cory specializes in sales, advertising, recordings, and also computer programming and equipment. Learning as much as possible about the daily operations and creation of documents, his insight and opinion has been an invaluable asset to the company. Cory's innovative ideas have led to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

The Document Center's credibility is reflected in the mere fact that most of our referrals from companies come from Title companies, Escrow companies and Attorneys, not to mention the thousands of people we have assisted to complete real estate related transactions and their referrals. By maintaining our contacts within the industry for over 45 years, we have been able to provide our customers with a valuable service at a reasonable price. We are proud members of the Better Business Bureau.

The one thing that has become exceptionally important is that we have unlimited resources to complete transactions FAST.

Our hours have been established to be available for our customers during the week from 9AM to 6PM Pacific Standard Time.

We have been successful in filling a niche between escrows and attorneys, doing what they can't do, won't do, or don't know how to do. We have great plans for the future! Stay tuned...

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